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1. Do I need a permit to burn trash or debris?
2. Where can I find the Calera Fire Administration building?
3. Who is in charge of finding out how fires start in Calera?
4. What information should I give the call taker when I call 9-1-1?
5. A fire truck, ambulance, or police car is approaching with its lights and sirens on .... What should I do?"
6. I have seen a fire truck with its lights and siren on go through an intersection .... then turn its lights off, .... Why?"
7. Can I have someone from the fire department check my blood pressure?
8. How should I plan for a disabled family member during a fire?
9. Can I use a fire hydrant in Calera to fill a pool?
10. Why do I have to dial 9-1-1? If I call the fire station direct would it save time?
11. What Fire Codes Does the City of Calera Operate Under?
12. What kind of fire extinguisher should I buy for my home?
13. Why do fire engines respond to car accidents, even when they didn’t look serious?