Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP)


Welcome to the City of Calera's traffic calming program. Traffic calming is a term used in Traffic Engineering to encourage safer, more responsible vehicular driving. Traffic calming uses physical design and/or devices on existing streets to improve safety for roadway users, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

The purpose of this policy is to provide an appropriate and consistent treatment for traffic calming requests from a citizen group or HOA. This policy examined other Local, State, and National traffic calming standards to ensure that the guidelines and criteria are fair and equitable. Not every successful request is guaranteed to be constructed or funded and may rely on the number of requests received and available funding in any particular budget year.

These instructions outline the steps in the traffic calming request process. Please read and understand this document before filling out the Request for Traffic Calming form or Petition (Appendix G).


Projects that are being considered for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) must follow the procedure that is outlined below. A flowchart summarizing this procedure is in Appendix A.

Step 1: Request Traffic Calming

A homeowner’s association (HOA) or a neighborhood group must submit a written request for traffic calming on a specific street segment or segments to the City Clerk. A neighborhood that does not have an organized HOA may form a small group of 4 different property owners (1 individual from each owned property); however, the requesting group must live along the street being submitted for traffic calming. The written request must identify the perceived traffic problem and must include contact information for a representative (the requester) of the HOA or neighborhood group. Individual citizens and rental tenants are not eligible to initiate projects for the NTCP. Single-family home renters will need to request the participation of the property owner to represent them in any traffic calming request.

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