Search & Rescue


The Calera Search and Rescue Unit is a voluntary service designed to help better serve Calera and the surrounding areas. This unit was formerly known as the Calera S.T.A.R. Team.

The unit is made up of Calera Fire and Calera Police personnel. This unit was formed in late 1999 after different incidents that occurred in the past that required specialized skills. Several members from both police and fire departments united and started putting the unit together.

calera UW seal.jpg


The unit performs high angle rescue, confined space rescue, and underwater tasks. There are around 20 members at the present time. We want to cross train every member in all of the areas that we perform.

Unit Experience

The unit currently has 15 scuba divers and eight are underwater crime scene investigators. In the past few months our unit has performed several missions, some to include closing several stolen vehicle cases from local cities. The unit has also assisted in robbery and homicide cases for local agencies.

The unit is willing and eager to help any city or department that might need our assistance. Our goal is to better serve our city and county when and if we are needed.