Dig Safely

Know Before You Dig

Get the small job done in your yard without breaking a gas line. Call Alabama 811 at 8-1-1 or (205) 252-4444., utility companies should mark their facilities prior to the proposed start date of the excavation, provided the proper 2 working day notice (not counting the day of notification) is provided. This service is free of charge.

An easy call to 8-1-1 could prevent a call to 9-1-1

Once they are located, dig carefully with a shovel around those areas that are marked. Include us in all your projects including fencing, pool installation and landscaping.

Hiring a Professional

Remember if you hire a contractor, state law requires they contact Alabama 811, 48 hours prior to any excavation activities.

If you have any concerns relating to your projects location please call the city’s Natural Gas Department at (205) 668-3511.

Pipeline Markers

Pipeline markers are sometimes used to indicate the approximate location of underground pipelines.

Pipeline markers display:

  • Approximate location of pipelines
  • Material transported in the line
  • Name of pipeline operator
  • Operator telephone number in case of an emergency

Markers cannot be relied on for exactness. Because many lines are not marked, it is critical that you contact Alabama 811 at 8-1-1 or 205-252-4444 prior to any excavation.