Water Department


Any questions concerning accounts (new accounts, old accounts, billing, etc.) call Calera City Hall at 205-668-3500. If you (the customer) or any contractors are going to do any digging on rights of way, you need to call Alabama One Call at 8-1-1 or 205-252-4444, for utility lines to be located to prevent damage to underground lines.

The Water Department produces water from wells and filters it at our micro filtration plant then distributes this water to residential, industrial, and commercial customers in our area as well as providing fire protection.

Our meters are read by radio equipped trucks and billing is done through city hall.


The Water Department is responsible for:

  • Making taps
  • Offering customers advice on their water problems
  • Repairing and performing maintenance on fire hydrants
  • Repairing water leaks on water mains and service lines
  • Replacing meters
  • Setting meters
  • Troubleshooting problems in the system

Reporting Issues

Report any leaks or work that needs to be repaired or done to the Public Works Department at 205-668-3511. After hours, please call 205-668-3500.

Cancelling Service

To cancel service, please click here.

Leak Adjustment Policy

Effective date April 1, 2014

Customers will be allowed a one-time leak adjustment for the lifetime of the account upon approval. The maximum leak adjustment credit is $200.00. Customers will be required to complete a Leak Adjustment Application for consideration.

Leak Adjustment Application

Policy exceptions and adjustments to water bills are rarely made by the Calera Water Works Board and if made, are only done so because of extraordinary circumstances which may justify special consideration.  Please do not request an additional adjustment to your bill for water because of something that occurred on the customer side of the meter setting assembly unless you believe such extraordinary circumstances may exist.  

The point of sale for water is at the meter setting assembly.  Once water has been delivered through the meter setting assembly the water system has met its obligation.  We have no control of the condition or operation of water service lines and appurtenances after they leave the point of sale.  That is the responsibility of the customer.

Once the water system has delivered water to the customer at the point of sale, the Calera Water Works Board has incurred the cost of delivering that quantity of water.  The Calera Water Works Board policy is to collect for all water delivered to a customer from that customer, because if it did not do so, then that cost would have to be borne by all other customers of the system.  This would be unfair and would penalize those customers who maintain their facilities properly, carefully and attentively. 

We hope that this will help in understanding and appreciating the reasons for our policy of not making additional adjustments.